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Agenda & Payment Threshold Ark Cold Darab Angke

Agenda & Payment Threshold Ark Cold Darab Angke

Agenda & Payment Threshold Ark Cold Darab Angke Asian mainland Java. Payday Ark Threshold Increases Angke, escalating fee ark ark in action doing working in nature 1 & 2. It would be a natural one, initially paid a mere 25 thousandths of a second amount is increased wrong Rupiah 40 thousandth of each passenger. Nature 2 increases started Rupiah 30 Rupiah 50 thousandth thousandth wrong each passenger. Payday listed must be added together amount to 2,000 working Help Makmur. Once the total amount segede For natural one 42 thousandth and thousandth 52 Natural 2 Rupiah.

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Serving Asihan Island

Destinations Java mobile

Pulau Pari Island Parachute

Tidung Island

Scout Island

Agenda departure Starting Bandar Threshold Angke (Kali Adem) each HRI pounding 6:30 pm Schedule Departure Starting Mainland Asian Java each HRI pounding 13:00 pm Rate Card (including eke insurance) Island Asian Java / Mainland Pari / Mainland mobile: IDR 42000 Island parachutes / Mainland Tidung / Mainland Scout / Mainland Kelambir: IDR 52000 Island Sebira: IDR 72000 Old Field Trip begins Darab Cold (Muara Angke to Mainland asian Java 30-45 Minutes Note: soften and readiness departure unstick the form of a state of the air. The ship begins Bandar Threshold Angke back serves columns For the islands of foreigners in the isles Lots. For manat increasing age berangkaian this please ask ala functionaries in the city. the purchase card is not going to be represented. Heavy baggage hand pieces up to 10 kg. the size of the luggage pieces of hand does not exceed 50 centimeters x 50 centimeter x 50 centimeter (length x height x field).

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